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"Robots are the next big thing and the current state of the robot industry resembles the PC industry 30 years ago"

− Bill Gates, Microsoft

"Robots can - and will - change our lives"

− Mark W. Tilden, Robot Physicist

"Before the end of this century, 70 percent of today's occupations will be automated"

− Kevin Kelly,

"There is a flickering spark in us all which, if struck at just the right age... can light the rest of our lives."

− President Ronald Reagan
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  • Welcome Colmac Robotics

    President Ronald Reagan once said: “There is a flickering spark in us all which, if struck at just the right age… can light the rest of our lives.” Our robotics workshops provide the perfect environment for children of all ages and abilities to explore the endless possibilities of robotics and engineering.

    Creativity, imagination, teamwork and innovation are all actively encouraged to ensure your children have the skills required to design the world of tomorrow!

  • Why Robotics?

    It’s simple – Kids want to learn about robotics! Robots are cool and interesting and by designing them, you learn several different skills; computer aided design, electronic and mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, maths and practical skills.

    We provide a platform that allows children to learn these skills in a fun and stimulating environment. Bill Gates has said that robotics are the future, we want Ireland to be a part of that future.